Team Reset or how to get the team on the same page?

The number of developers in my team doubled in the last couple of months. Ok, well, we went from 2 to 4. The end result is 4 devs, 1 QA, 1 Engineering Manager, but still... So, we started working together. After the initial ramp up and information overload, we were ready to finally work on … Continue reading Team Reset or how to get the team on the same page?

Landscapes of code

Why do we feel so uncomfortable with the idea of small functions that have names? What is it about that that frightens us? I'll tell you what it is. It's the fact that long functions are familiar to us in a very deep way. Take a long function and turn it on its side, and … Continue reading Landscapes of code

We name so much, we’d better name well

Names are everywhere in software (variables, functions, arguments, classes, source files etc...). Because we name so much, we’d better name well. So choose your names thoughtfully 😉 Here come rules for creating good names (introduced by @UncleBobMartin). Communicate your intent The name of a variable, function, class or any other piece of code, should answer … Continue reading We name so much, we’d better name well

Nevertheless, I coded…

I wanted to quit writing software for good. Nevertheless, I coded. And I still do. I've been a software developer for 3 years then. And I totally didn't feel like getting up and going to work. I struggled with my tasks and worked much slower than I used to. I tried to look for another … Continue reading Nevertheless, I coded…

What is the purpose of this code?

There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. - Phil Karlton We name and name and name. We name variables, functions, arguments, classes, source files, and the directories. Proper naming makes the code easier to read. Intention-revealing names The right name tells you why the variable, function or class … Continue reading What is the purpose of this code?

Who do you write the code for?

You can probably come up with a bunch of answers: the computer, the client, the cloud, the company... But first and foremost you write code for other developers. And for your future self. I mean, the computer will understand anything you write (as long as it compiles). And it'll behave in the exact way you … Continue reading Who do you write the code for?

How to write SOLID dev resume to be 2018 STAR

I've been coaching IT people with their job search and resume writing since the end of November. And I've noticed that a lot of us struggle (and yes, I do too) with writing this scary piece of paper. So here is the compilation of the knowledge and most common tips I gave so far. KISS … Continue reading How to write SOLID dev resume to be 2018 STAR

Programming explained to non-programmers: What we do, how we do it and why some children end up in the intensive care

Some time ago I was asked by my aunt to do some job counseling in middle school. When I was looking for ideas how to approach the topic I found that article. I liked it so here’s reblog 😉
And I love the comparison between waterfall methodology and agile mindset. And “clean daughter” example 🙂

Technology Conversations

I am often asked by non-programmers to explain what I do and how I do it. Following is my answer.

I am a programmer and, like many others in my profession, I am a nerd.

“Wonderful thing with nerds: they’re enthusiasts. Not having a life means you get to love things with a passion and nobody bothers you about it.” – John Burnside

Many think that computers are really smart. They are not. They are as dumb as it can be. What they excel at is crunching numbers very quickly. They do not know how to think or reason. They do exactly what we tell them.

The job of a programmer is to translate real-world problems into numbers that computers can understand. A computer is like a child that will do everything you tell him to do. What you want him to do is irrelevant; the only thing that matters…

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It takes time to make a team…

I went sailing some time ago. For years I used to sail minimum once a year with a group of my friends. But as we got older and built our own lives it became harder to get a group together.So this year I decided to join another crew. Looks like it wasn't just me thinking … Continue reading It takes time to make a team…