Ok, I get it. You are a software engineer (or a software developer, programmer, consultant… the name doesn’t matter, you can call yourself as you wish though I’d rather stick to an engineer). And so am I.

And you probably decided to be a software specialist because you enjoy programming. The challenge it provides and the joy of achievement when you finish another feature is what makes you get up every day.

But let me remind you a simple truth:

The business we do an app for is the driving force behind everything we do.

Good software is not as simple as clean architecture, great design, quick and efficient application.

Good software is about bringing value to the business that employs you (or to the market in general)

New technologies and innovations are truly great only if people value and use them. Everyone who works in software, from the business analyst, through programmers, testers and managers ought to understand that.

And that’s why it is crucial to fathom the business side of your projects, to comprehend project’s business goals. If you aim to be a professional, you need to grasp why you are writing the code and how business you work for will benefit from it.

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