We all have something to teach. We all have something to learn…

It’ll be short today. And a little bit more personal 😉

I’m attending Devoxx Poland again this year – that was my first conference ever and I have to say that: it changed my career, showed me new paths, encouraged to learn things again. I think that’s what conferences are for. They encourage conststant learning and enhance possibilities. Last year I’ve learnt that I have tons to learn and that there are things not worth learning anymore. Outdated.

This year I’m much more up to date. I know what’s going on in Java World – more or less. It’s impossible to know everything – so i’m going to learn again and i’m all excited about it.

But this year I’m also going to share some tips on project collaboration. I was given the opportunity to talk so looks like that there are people interested to learn what I already know.

And I encourage you: share your knowledge. Where you can: in the company, in the meetup, on the blog… Or just within the project team. You don’t have to be an expert. But there’s always someone who doesn’t know as much as you. If you know anything – and I know you do – you ought to be teaching what you know right now.

2 thoughts on “We all have something to teach. We all have something to learn…

  1. One weird perk of teaching is it gives you an opportunity to appreciate your own knowledge. Personally, I sometimes forget that it’s possible to not know x or y because if I know it everyone must know it. Then I meet someone who doesn’t know it and it gives me some perspective


    1. Yep, so true. I was like tha for pretty long time as well. Right now I decided it’s time to share whatever I know to best of my ability 😀


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