I’m don’t match the archetype of antisocial programmer (for the most part). I do love working with people. But I work remotely (aka “from home”) for over 2 years already.

Some people may ask why…

You see… Since I can remember I was visiting all places within my reach. When I was just a little kid my grandfather said I am a vagabond. And he was right. Well… I have to say it’s still true. I do love travelling. I enjoy being around people, getting to know new faces and discovering different places.

But I also love my job: creating solutions to different problems, making things useful to others, always improving my craftsmanship – learning languages, methodologies, tools, frameworks and so on (there’s no limit in it). My little sister even said once that I’m a witch having fun performing some kind of magic with my laptop.

Unfortunately with 26 days paid vacation a year it is kinda hard to balance both work and love to journeys. I was doing my best, but…

Do you know the feeling, after really awesome trip, that you need a huge dose of rest? And when you are somewhere almost every weekend you starting to be physically exhausted. That results in less productivity, hard concentration.

Even if each trip makes you all get-up-and-go you feel, that you have to rest a while after a vacation (sic!). You notice you are ready to drop and not to go somewhere, so you’re staying home.

And for a while you’re unwilling to plan a new expedition cuz it didn’t work out well in the end.

Well, probably not everybody is like that. Perhaps you are the happy one that goes on a trip and comes back fully relaxed that doesn’t have to rest afterwards. I usually don’t.

That’s why I decided to work remotely. And now, since I can telecommute, I take an advantage of it and travel to various places. Over last year I’ve traveled around Poland. I also spend 3 months working from Canada and one month working from Spain (it was so cold here that I just had to run away to some warmer place ;))

I was lucky because it was possible in my present job.

Current technology makes travel more accessible to more people. And so do to our jobs. In many professions all you need to perform your daily tasks is a connection to the business computer via the internet, your e-mail and some self-discipline. That’s all.

Just don’t wait for opportunity. Find a possibility. Hop on a plane (or other favorite mean of transport) and do as little or as much research as you want. Wherever you want. Not in your day off but after your working hours.

This article is an updated version of Where are you working from… today?

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