This year I’ve explored Java world again @DevoxxPL in Cracow. And whereas last year was full of the microservices and functional programming hype, this year was more steady.

Microservices are still a dominant architectural trend.

Aside from different aspects of Java (like an overview of Java 9, JVM Mechanics, JEE 8, Concurrency concepts, performance or asynchronous approaches in Java), security and Modern Web Development (from frontend to backend), particular emphasis was placed on methodology and culture: clean code, maintainability, (starting with Venkat’s keynote on test automation approach to “are you done yet?”), running dev-teams, and boosting development skills with slack time or open source.

I like where it’s going: get to learn different approaches (like OOP and functional for example). Choose a language, or two, or three. A small set of frameworks. Build up the tools. Solidify the processes.

This year’s conference gave me a vibe of maturity in comparison with the last year’s hype. Instead of randomly combining every hip technology developers were encouraged to understand fit technology stack to the project, team and the customer’s ecosystem.

I totally liked it! I also recommend you go next year to see for yourselves!

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