Here’s why I made you install tools from the first chapter of the adventure 😉

Java 8

Java Development Kit 8: it’s the newest officially released version of Java available as of today. Java 9 (JDK) release is set for September, but this date was moved a few times already so it’s kind of big unknown.


You can write Java application using only text editor and command line to compile it. It’ll be like walking the 14-day trail with a bottle of water. You may do one day like this, but you’ll need something more to move on.

There are various IDEs (Integrated Development Environments – programs in which you can write programs): Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, JDeveloper…

I chose Eclipse because I like it. I’m sorry, I’m biased. I know how to use Eclipse. it’s powerful. And it’s open source. That’s all there is to it.

As you progress with learning you can switch to whatever you’d like. For now I think it’s better to get comfortable with programming and not worry too much about the IDE.


I’ll prepare some excercises so you can fill them in along the way.

You’ll need to access the code somehow. I could’ve zipped and uploaded it here, but I don’t think it’s efficient.

Git is a version control system (VCS), that allows tracking changes you did in a code. You can easily compare current version with what was before. Or you can revert the changes if osmething went wrond. Multiple people can work on the same code using git, and that’s where its true power really is. There’s of course much more to git, you can read on at tryGit.


I’ll store the excercises in GitHub repository: You can easily access it even without your own GitHub account, but you can create your own if you wish.


I’d like you to learn by writing code that can be tested. Without testing how are you going to know the application is working?

I’ll prepare tests and you will write a code that will make the tests ‘pass’. In other words: you’ll write the code that will have positive results. Tests which will tell you that the code you’ve written gives the expected results. You will write the code that sums two numbers – I’ll have a test that checks if the sum is correct beforehand.

Writing tests first is one of the best practices software developer can learn and I think it’s essential to know how to write and run tests. For now I’ll prepare the tests for you. How to write tests will be coverd later on.


This is probably the most controversial one.

Gradle is a tool used for building Java applications. You can use it for many other purposes. As you can other build tools like Mavan or Ant.

I decided to use Gradle, because thanks to it you’ll automatically have JUnit 4 library to execute test so you don’t have to look for it by yourself. This way only by installing Java JDK and Eclipse you’ll have the whole project ready to go.

Good luck with Calculator – your first Java Application!

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