New Project: Potato Coding Adventure

I’ve started a new project this week. I wrote about it here

My friend (we call her The Potato) and I decided, however, that we want to write the blog together. That’s why it’s the last post in Java Learning Path in the JumpStart Blog. I’ll be leading the way and she’ll describe how it looks like from her point of view. That’s why we decided to move to a separate blog.

Spread the word

I really enjoy introducing The Potato to the Java World and if you want to join us, or if you know someone who wants: please spread the word.

Join the adventure!

The Potato and I have short calls few times a week so I can answer her questions (we live 400 km apart) and I have time to help 1-2 more people in exchange for 1-2 posts a week on the Potato Coding Adventure blog.

If you are reading this and you feel like you want to join don’t hesitate to get in touch. I live in European time zone and as long as we don’t have to talk before 10 am or after 10 pm (CEST) it should work out fine. If you know someone who may want to join please let her/him know 🙂

If you want to learn Java prepare Your backpack for hiking the Java Learning Path and go on a Potato Coding Adventure!

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