Just one more…

Do you know the feeling of I’ll compile it just one more time or I’ll fix only this one more bug? The thought that suck you into few more hours of writing code? Then you notice there’s no one working anymore or there’s late at night already and there’s high time to go to bed? Then you keep it up for days, weeks, months… After a while, you notice, you’re exhausted, stressed out or even burned out. Liking or loving to be a software developer isn’t enough anymore.

This means it’s time to take a break.


I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve started my long overdue vacation over a month ago. It piled up and I ended with 7-week-long time off. I went sailing and took only my phone with me. The range and power were limited on the lakes so I had digital detox over there. I’ve spent on average 15 mins a day using my phone (it’s not as I haven’t been online at all, just the time I’ve spent there was really limited). When I got back I took care of all the housework that piled up recently when the projects were in high demand of my attention.

I recharged.

Take a break!

This kind of break saves you. It helps you recover all the energy and will to work. And whereas first few days after coming back may be hard and getting back to work demanding it’s still worth it.

The break has many benefits not only for you but also for your project and for the company overall. So whenever you need to take a break don’t hesitate to talk your manager. Good managers know that you need and you deserve your vacation especially when the project is demanding. Sometimes one day off in the middle of the project can make you speed up so you spend less time on the remaining tasks. We’re humans and our brain and body can only do as much.

So take a break when you need it!

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