You can probably come up with a bunch of answers: the computer, the client, the cloud, the company…

But first and foremost you write code for other developers. And for your future self.

I mean, the computer will understand anything you write (as long as it compiles). And it’ll behave in the exact way you tell it to. Your clients will use your application, but they’ll think about it in term of their business objectives and eventually the user interface. A whole lot of them will have no idea that the application is on the hard drive and not on the computer’s screen…

But it’s the other software developers who’ll have to deal with whatever you wrote.

If you write software, you are already a writer. And writing code is like writing a book about the application behavior. But who wants to read a badly written book? If I struggle with the first few pages, I am not able to finish a book. Despite people telling me how good the story is.

But I still have to read all sorts of code. It’s part of my job so I can’t stop reading it when I don’t like the way it’s written. But still…

The well-written code reads like well-written prose. Let’s keep it clean.

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