It takes time to make a team…

I went sailing some time ago. For years I used to sail minimum once a year with a group of my friends. But as we got older and built our own lives it became harder to get a group together.So this year I decided to join another crew. Looks like it wasn't just me thinking … Continue reading It takes time to make a team…

IT allergens: Agile.

Here I go creating 2-people Kanban board for our current project efforts so that we can easily see how our work goes and share it with my Junior (he's a Junior Dev, but he's got more IT experience than I in fact... he did a career sidestep just recently).  And the first thing I hear is: … Continue reading IT allergens: Agile.


Why is a business so important?

Ok, I get it. You are a software engineer... And you probably decided to be a software specialist because you enjoy programming. so why is it that you ought to know the business side of the project?