Team Reset or how to get the team on the same page?

The number of developers in my team doubled in the last couple of months. Ok, well, we went from 2 to 4. The end result is 4 devs, 1 QA, 1 Engineering Manager, but still... So, we started working together. After the initial ramp up and information overload, we were ready to finally work on … Continue reading Team Reset or how to get the team on the same page?

A bunch of individuals doesn’t make a team

A team sport Last year I've finally obtained the certificate of competency authorizing me to operate sailing yachts so I've spent a part of my long vacation on a boat. I love sailing. Sailing is pretty much about the experience and learning the right skills. Every moment on the water is different, and it's important … Continue reading A bunch of individuals doesn’t make a team

Why the simple creation of endless lines of code won’t do…

We didn’t become programmers because we like working with people. But most of a software is created by teams. So like it or not, you must effectively communicate with others. Here's how.

IT allergens: Agile.

Here I go creating 2-people Kanban board for our current project efforts so that we can easily see how our work goes and share it with my Junior (he's a Junior Dev, but he's got more IT experience than I in fact... he did a career sidestep just recently).  And the first thing I hear is: … Continue reading IT allergens: Agile.

When you assume…

On every project, there are things you know and things you don’t know. When it comes to the difficulty of the unknowns, you can make progress only thanks to assumptions. Without assumptions, you’d never get anything done because you’d be frantically proving everything before you’d move on. However, when they end up being false, they can affect your project outcome significantly.

censored laptop

Rockstar with a cardboard on the screen

We, software engineers, tend to be protective of our work. We get anxious about showing our code. Unfortunately, the wall we build around "our" code is a perfect formula for a disaster. Luckily, doing the things that scare us more often makes them less scary.