Your first step on Java Learning Path

Are you all set up? If not check how to prepare your backpack for Java hike. Read on if you're ready to go. Get the code base I've prepared for your first Java Gradle Project. You can get it from my GitHub repository (and no, you don't have to register): Click Clone or download and copy … Continue reading Your first step on Java Learning Path

Developer cut in pieces

How to divide a resource? Wood Take the wood Take 50% to build dollhouse Take 30% to build a garage Take 20% to build a toy car Now you have 3 pieces of wood and you can quickly deliver three wooden toys. Software developer Take software developer Assign 50% to project A (head) Assign 30% to project … Continue reading Developer cut in pieces

What’s up in Java world?

This year I've explored Java world again @DevoxxPL in Cracow. And whereas last year was full of the microservices and functional programming hype, this year was more steady. Microservices are still a dominant architectural trend. Aside from different aspects of Java (like an overview of Java 9, JVM Mechanics, JEE 8, Concurrency concepts, performance or … Continue reading What’s up in Java world?

Developer interrupted: The cost of “One minute”

Imagine what happens when you approach the developer in a middle of that task? Now, if you think he/she can pick up where he/she stopped you couldn't possibly be more wrong.

Efficiency driven innovation killer

When your dev don't want to follow the process he's incompliant, isn't he? But what if the process is killing creation and innovation?

The Benefits Of Kanban board (even) outside an agile project.

My company uses IBM DOORS connector for JIRA to simplify requirements tracking process. However, the way requirements are transferred to JIRA from DOORS makes it hard to say what the requirement is about. So when I was looking for a way to view the actual requirement my project manager told me about a possibility to … Continue reading The Benefits Of Kanban board (even) outside an agile project.

To meet or not to meet? Understanding the hard language of expectations…

Recently I wrote how to deal with requirements in the process of a software development. Requirements are often customers expectations but those aren't always the same. And not only your customers have expectations. In reality, every person included or interested in a software project has her/his own interests and expectations. And even as a simple developer you … Continue reading To meet or not to meet? Understanding the hard language of expectations…

Requirements or the trap of missing the point…

Have you ever worked on something for a long time, only to realize in the end that you've completely missed the point? Probably. this is how to ensure you know what's about to be built.

Why the simple creation of endless lines of code won’t do…

We didn’t become programmers because we like working with people. But most of a software is created by teams. So like it or not, you must effectively communicate with others. Here's how.

IT allergens: Agile.

Here I go creating 2-people Kanban board for our current project efforts so that we can easily see how our work goes and share it with my Junior (he's a Junior Dev, but he's got more IT experience than I in fact... he did a career sidestep just recently).  And the first thing I hear is: … Continue reading IT allergens: Agile.